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Screenshot 1Welcome to the new and exciting world of Speedy Publishing where the future is now. There has never been a more exciting time to be an author and self-publisher. Over the last decade the e-reader has become the dominant platform for readers to consume digital content. Globalization has created new markets for authors and self-publishers and provided them the opportunity to publish new content for readers that has previously been unavailable for these markets.

This is a challenging and difficult time for authors and small publishers to take advantage of these new markets...but the upside potential is enormous. There is a great deal of money being made today in eBooks and print books but it’s only the tip of the iceberg…new markets and new technologies are set to explode the earning potential for those authors who recognize the opportunity being provided here.

Speedy Publishing has long recognized the challenge and struggle it is to make your content accessible to the multiple publishing platforms each requiring their own unique formatting rules. This can lead to hours and hours of painstaking work to carefully tweak margins, headers, text format and font. Well SBP sol

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Become A Publishing Expert With SpeedyPublishing.Com Tools

Major problems facing authors and publishers include:
  • The STEEP learning curve of formatting for digital, audio and print-on-demand platforms (With over 30 hours of training at SpeedyPublishing.Com you can begin publishing profitably in minutes)
  • The time it takes to publish your book back list for all digital platforms.
  • The difficulty Indie Authors and small publishers face in discoverability and marketing.
  • Understanding the Amazon.Com eco-system and how to profit from it successfully.
  • Choosing the best topics or niches to write about to guarantee strong sales over the long term.
  • How to combine Digital, Print and Audio to ensure profitability.
  • Understanding the correlation between discoverability and conversions.
  • How to take advantage of Book Reading Communities such GoodReads.Com, Shelfari.Com and LibraryThing.
Speedy Publishing has created a powerful brand that provides solutions for authors that will solve some of these problems. One of these solutions is Speedy Book Publisher™. This evolving software provides the most apt solution for authors and publishers to create content in an evironment that stores their meta data and is able to convert that data to several different formats making it convienient to upload to several different platforms at the push of a single button.

Speedy Book Publisher™ makes multi-platform publishing simpler, faster and easier than ever before. Create, Compile and Edit content, add images, format content using ALL the functionality of MS Word.

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Desktop publishing, organization and tracking has never been easier. Just create your documents in MSWord once and then export them to a pre-formatted template of your choice and then choose which publishing platform you would like to upload to.

Speedy Book Publisher™ software benefits include:
  • Professional pre-formatted templates
  • Great tools for saving, formatting and exporting to multiple publishing platforms
  • Allows you to edit imported Word docs and create eBooks to any publishing platform
  • Gives you the option to publish your work directly online in eBook form to be put on a Kindle, iPad or other eReader, tablet or smartphone
  • Maximizes your potential for multiple income streams
  • Best of all it's simple and easy to use
Money Back GuaranteeWe are so confident that you will be thrilled and amazed by how Speedy Book Publisher™ software simplifies your self-publishing challenges that we offer a 30 Day Full Money back guarantee. If you are not pleased with the software then we don't want you to pay for it. Send us an email and we will promptly refund your purchase.

Software Requirements

Pentium® class or compatible PC
Microsoft® Windows® 8, 7, Vista, or XP (32-bit) operating system
7MB free hard disk space
1024x768 display resolution with 16-bit colour depth or higher
Microsoft® Word 2003 – 2013

A Complete Business In A Box

Currently many authors have been able to earn additional income by formatting manuscripts for other struggling writers. These authors spent countless hours stumbling over lengthy manuscripts, trying to figure out the formatting rules just to earn a few extra dollars to add to their monthly income.

Now you will be able to compile and format all your content in any way you would like in just a fraction of the time it normally would take. You can now easily structure how you store content, while producing different formats for publishing platforms on the fly.

Some companies will charge you hundreds and even thousands of dollars to format your manuscripts. From now on with Speedy Book Publisher™ software you can edit content faster and easier, and then simply export it with all your image elements and updated manuscripts.

You can now easily make the transition from being a struggling editor to becoming a self-publishing expert. It’s all so simple with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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As a Speedy Book Publisher software owner you will have access to all the new custom layout templates added each month plus, you'll have the ability to add your own templates at any time. This software is by far the most flexible, easy to use content publisher available anywhere.

Our evolving software is designed exclusively for authors who desire and need to spend more time on writing and less time struggling with formatting and publishing issues. Authors today are constantly challenged to get their content formatted properly on the confusing number of publishing platforms in order to reach their marketplace and start earning income. Our software solves all these problems for you saving you time and frustration!

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What Is The Real Value Of Speedy Book Publisher?

Speedy Book Publisher is not only a valueable resource for content management and formatting but it makes time management for author and publishers easier as you can plan ahead on how long content formatting will take. Lets look on what the real world value of Speedy Book Publisher really is. For an ordinary author that produces just 10 manuscripts per year it can cost up to $99 to professionally format each to these platform specifications. Thats a whopping USD$990 per year! Now what if you only paid $77?

You could be saving over 90% of your formatting costs!

Kindle Formatting BOX
B And N PubIt Formatting
CreateSpace Formatting Formatting
LuLu & iBookStore Formatting
SmashWords Formatting
Content Management Structure
Image Drag And Drop Feature
Video Training And PDF Guide

Why Speedy Book Publisher™ Is The Best Choice

With currently 673 Speedy Publisher members, (and growing daily) , who are all learning to update their manuscripts, then format and publish their content, suggestions, feedback and requests are being constantly made to tweak the software to do more every day.

We are happy to do this to create an evolving software based on the needs of our community of experienced publishers. This results in a superior software unlike anything that exists anywhere in the marketplace today.

User Experience is the most important aspect of any software. Speedy Book Publisher™ is designed to help authors and publishers and is specifically tailored to create a great end user experience.

The final product that is created by our software gives the reader the ability to easily navigate your books creating a pleasurable reading experience that is sure to result in word-of-mouth referrals and thus increased book sales.

Sleek And Attractive Interface…
Snap Shot

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Speedy Book Publisher™ Software The Solution to Your Self-Publishing Challenges

Writers want to write, to compose their thoughts into prose or poetry, fact or fiction. Then assemble their words and thoughts to create a finished product that will satisfy their readers.

Next comes the challenges and difficulties you as an author face when trying to become a self- publisher. You have to deal with the complexities of formatting and uploading your finished work to all the various publishing platforms that all have their own strict rules and regulations…their own ways of doing business that have to be strictly adhered to before your book gets to its intended market. Speedy Book Publisher™ software is the most unique, proprietary utility that has been yet created for authors and self-publishers. It is only available here for this discounted price for a very limited time.

Money Back GuaranteeAll this added to our Iron Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee makes getting your copy of Speedy Book Publisher and absolute no brainer. Test drive the software with our free 3-day Trial.

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Buy NowSpeedy Book Publisher™ software is the most unique, proprietary utility that has been yet created for authors and self-publishers. It is only available here for this discounted price for a very limited time. You Want Simple and Easy to Use…Now You Have It! If you can use Microsoft Word then Speedy Book Publisher™ software is a piece of cake. This software is very easy to use. It's a simple process that’s easy-to-follow, in essence a great labor saving tool.

Speedy Book Publisher™ software was created with you, the author, in mind in order to minimize all the difficulties that eat up your valuable time. Our software saves you the time it takes to figure everything out and the often laborious mind-numbing tasks involved in self-publishing. Think about the benefits and joy of being able to get your work published and in front of your intended audience as soon as possible. Also, the quicker you get to market the sooner the money starts rolling in.

We at Speedy Book Publishing are breaking precedent in order to demonstrate the value of our proprietary new software. For a very limited time, we will offer you, who have found your way to this site, an exceptional opportunity.

We have created this special offer to prove just how valuable the new Speedy Book Publisher™ software will be for all authors and self-publishers.

We are offering a full 50% discount off the sale price, for today only, for this new software. For only $77.00 you will get access to Speedy Book Publisher™ software that includes a lifetime of free upgrades for future editions of our software.

As proof of how valuable this software is as a time and labor saving tool we will give you 30 full days to test drive and discover for yourself how powerful a utility it actually is in helping you accomplish your publishing goals.

Get 50% Off with your purchase and you will then own this software with full lifetime free upgrades for future editions

Immediate after purchasing you will receive an e-mail with your activation codes so you can begin utilizing this incredible software.

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We cannot stress enough the need for book covers and illustrations to be of the highest possible quality and imagery if you want to be successful in your publishing efforts.

Simply put…if you want sales you better have high quality graphics or you’ll get lost amongst the millions of available publications in the marketplace. So to make your life easier and enable you to compete within all the publishing platforms we have formed an alliance with an exceptionally talented graphic artist and illustrator.


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Simply put…if you want sales you better have high quality graphics or you’ll get lost amongst the millions of available publications in the marketplace SpeedyPublishing training will help you to navigate the ecosystem to become better publishers.


Our Iron-Clad, No-Hassle, Money Back Guarantee

We’re so absolutely certain that Speedy Book Publisher™ software will meet all your publishing needs that we’re offering an unconditional,NO questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. If, for whatever reason Speedy Book Publisher™ software does not satisfy you in any way, simply contact us by email within 30 days from your purchase and we will refund your money immediately! So, if for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not happy, you get your money back anytime within 30 days from purchase. Simply contact us and we will cheerfully refund your money grateful that you tried our product.
How could you go wrong with our incredible no-risk money back guarantee?
Give us a try... You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Here’s to your publishing success!

Here are some really cool screenshots of the software in action. You can see the different features that are available

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Very Cool and Sleek Interface
Screenshot 1

Easy Use In Chapter Addition And Manipulation
Screenshot 2

Meta Data Storage For Books
Screenshot 3

Import And Export Book Data Easily
Screenshot 4

Save Easily And Export Books
Screenshot 5

Store Data In Easily Accesible Directories
Screenshot 6

Toggle Between Book Chapters And Documents
Screenshot 7

Drag And Drop Images In Each Book
Screenshot 8

customer service

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Customer Relationships

Speedy Publishing is committed to providing our valued members, with the best possible support and technical help we are capable of. Our goal is to be available when you need us with the answers and solutions to your publishing questions and problems.

The combined package of Membership and Support provides a total solution, ensuring you are continually able to resolve all your publishing questions and issues and are up to date on our training modules.

Technical Support

We will work diligently to help you get the most out of your training and software. Our Technical Support team will strive to quickly respond to your submitted tickets and work quickly to resolve your issue.

Support Site

Unlimited access to the Speedy Publishing Support Site. Use it whenever you need it from wherever you are.


Unlimited email assistance to answer all your questions.

Knowledge Base

Self-service via our online Knowledgebase. Find answers quickly and feel empowered by solving the issue on your own.